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John S.

Volley Ball Training Station

This is a great item to practice your volleyball skills without having a partner.

The height was just right, has a net to catch and return the ball and make easy work of practicing a spike over the net. Durable material and didn't take long to assemble.

Julia T.

At home practise!

My teenager loves volleyball, she really enjoys honing in on her skills with the Volleyball training station.

We have lots of company at the house these days due to her teammates coming over for practise after school!

Mary U.

Great Volleyball Trainer for all ages

Well-built volleyball net trainer with 11' top height for the collection net, and an adjustable net height from 6'6 to 8 feet.

The hardware for this trainer is solidly made and comes together as described by the instruction booklet.

Joshua A.

Easy to assemble and ready to go!

My daughter has been playing volleyball for several years, she was so excited when we opened this volleyball trainer.

There are several reasons the I really like this volleyball trainer. It includes a carrying case is great for easy storage and traveling
It is easy to assemble and break down as needed. It is versatile and provides trainer net from 6’6” all the up to 11feet for spiking practice. The trainer comes with a return tube that brings the volleyball back to you.

Jenny R.

Big and Sturdy!

With two volleyball players in the house, we're always asked if we can help them work on their serves, sets, and spikes. This net helps keep those activities contained and gives them an excellent target to practice just like they play the game.

It's a good size that I can set it up in the garage, in the yard, or in the driveway and they can nearly practice year-round if they want to. The ball return system is a good touch to let them recover balls at their feet instead of walking up to the net every few serves.

Michael M

Nice kit to help with Volleyball Skills

I used to teach and coach volleyball so a kit like this would have helped years ago. This is perfect for teaching serving for both men and woman. Plus, you can teach spiking by bump setting a person that's approaching the net so they can work on timing and alignment.

The item set up was straightforward and I had no issues doing it myself. Once you take it down everything fits in the travel or transport bag with room left over. The carrying bag is really nice and features two wheels so you can roll it to a spot or use the handles and carry the loaded bag.

Introducing Apex Sports Volleyball Training System:

With the Apex Sports Volleyball Training Station, independence is your advantage.

Volleyball Training System

Stock On the way!

Adjustable Volleyball Rebounder Net 7x4 ft – Tuning up your skills has never been so easy!


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Honing in on your skills at home is our main focus. Don't let the competition out work you.



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