Professional Lacrosse Rebounder (4x7 Feet) - Adjustable Practice Net with Precision Target Strip

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  • Durable Build for Intense Training: Constructed with a strong 1.25" frame and 45 ply netting, our 4x7 feet lacrosse rebounder is built to endure rigorous daily use and all weather conditions. Ideal for both amateur and professional athletes seeking reliable equipment.
  • Enhance Your Precision: With a vivid yellow target strip, this rebounder focuses on improving your accuracy in passing and shooting. It's the perfect tool for players dedicated to refining their skills and precision on the field.
  • Adjustable for Versatile Practice: Features 5 adjustable angles to simulate different in-game scenarios, helping players develop quicker reflexes and better game dynamics. Tailor your training to match real game situations effortlessly.
  • Steady and Secure: Equipped with 4 metal stakes that firmly anchor the rebounder to any outdoor surface, it offers unmatched stability during even the most intense practice sessions. Train with confidence knowing your rebounder won't shift or slide.
  • Committed to Excellence: Apex Sports is dedicated to supporting your athletic journey. Our customer service team is always ready to assist with any questions or support you might need. Trust in our commitment to provide quality products and outstanding service.